Keeper Games @ Richmond 3v3

Keeper Games @ Richmond 3v3

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Goalkeeper Games

August 12th


Keeper Duel Fee= $75



Each Goalkeeper will compete in 3 goalkeeping challenges. 

·       Keeper Duels: Keeper vs Keeper. A true test of shot stopping, distribution, physical and mental toughness. 

·       Distribution Domination: One Keeper. One Ball. One Target. In the modern game a goalkeeper must be more than just a shot stopper…can you connect a pass when it matters the most? 

·       1v1 Challenge: This is the gauntlet. Goalkeeper vs attacker. 1v1 in front of the goal. Do you have what it takes to stand up your opponent or stuff a shot before it comes? 



Each goalkeeper will compete in Keeper Duels, Distribution Domination and 1v1 Challenge. The winner of GK Games will be determined by adding the final placement in each event. The GK with the lowest cumulative score is the GK Games Champion. (ex. 1st in GK Duels, 10th in Distribution Domination, 3rd in 1v1 Challenge = 14pts) 



·       U11/12 Boys

·       U11/12 Girls 

·       U13/14 Boys

·       U13/14 Girls 

·       U15-U16 Boys

·       U15-U16 Girls

·       U17-U18 Boys

·       U17-U18 Girls



·       U11/12 Boys & Girls - 9-11:30 am

·       U13/14 Boys & Girls - 9-11:30 am

·       U15/16 Boys & Girls - 12-2:30 am

·       U17/18 Boys & Girls - 3-5:30 pm


Keeper Duel Fee= $75




Keeper Games Rules


The Field of Play:
The Keeper Duel field is approximately 20 - 24 yards long by 30 yards wide, divided into two halves by a halfway line.  The field size will depend on the age of the goalkeepers. 


The Ball:
Each Goalkeeper will have 4 balls.  Only one ball is permitted on the field of play during a Keeper Duel match.  If two or more balls are on the field during match play the referee may stop the game until the excess balls are removed.

U11-U12:  Size 4
U13-U18:  Size 5
The soccer balls will be provided by the 3v3 Tournament Series.


The Number of Players: 
Keeper Duels are played by two goalkeepers. Each goalkeeper may have a coach and no more than six (6) Ball Handlers to retrieve and supply balls for distribution.


The Duration: 
Each game consists of two 2-minute halves and a 30 second half-time.


The Start of Play:
A coin toss will determine if the goalkeeper selects the ball to start or one of the two goals to defend.  The keeper who starts with the ball must play within 6 seconds.


The Tournament Format:
Each goalkeeper is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games
3 points awarded for a win /1 point for a tie / 0 points for a loss 
Tie breaker for playoffs:
      Head to Head
      Fewest Goals Conceded
      Goal Differential
      Best of three: rock, paper, scissors


The Method of Scoring: 
Distribution is the method by which goalkeepers start/restart play or score goals.  A goalkeeper may distribute the ball in any of the following ways:  throwing, punting, rolling, kicking, drop kicking or heading.  A goalkeeper must distribute the ball within 6 seconds of taking possession.  A goalkeeper may only distribute the ball once during their possession.  Possession is when the goalkeeper firmly maintains control of ball by catching it.  In the event that the ball is not distributed within 6 seconds the designated goalkeeper will be called for a delay of game.  A delay of game violation results in a change of ball possession.

After the goalkeeper makes a save he/she can attempt to score within the designated shooting area, using any type of distribution within 6 seconds. 

A goal is scored when the whole of the ball crosses over the goal line, provided that no infringement of the Rules of Engagement has been committed.  The player scoring the greater number of goals during the Keeper Duel is the winner.


The Rules of Engagement:

  1. If a goal is scored the ball is played from that end.
  2. If a ball rebounds back to the shooting goalkeeper (i.e., deflected off the post, crossbar, or defending goalkeeper) that goalkeeper retains possession.
  3. If a ball is deflected and goes out of play from a keeper touch (over the bar, parry wide) the attacking goalkeeper receives the ball.
  4. The goalkeeper must remain on his or her side of the halfway line. Failure to remain on the proper side will be considered offside and possession will be forfeited.  Play resumes with both keepers starting on their own goal lines.



 Distribution Domination


Each goalkeeper will have 10 opportunities to hit targets from a distance of 20-40 yards using 3 different distribution techniques: goal kick, over hand/sling throw, and out of hand kicking (punt, drop-kick, side volley, etc.)


The Field of Play:

Distribution Domination is played on a field that is 40 yards long by 20 yards wide. At one end of the field is a 8’ x 24’ regulation soccer goal containing several targets. Cones are placed on the field 20, 30 and 40 yards from the goal. Younger goalkeepers play from the 20 and 30 yard markers, older goalkeepers play from the 30 and 40 yard markers.


The Ball:

Each goalkeeper will have the opportunity to play 10 balls per type of service.

U11-U12:  Size 4
U13-U18:  Size 5
The soccer balls will be provided by the 3v3 Tournament Series.


Each goalkeeper will have 10 opportunities to strike 10 goal kicks, throw 10 over hand/sling throws, and strike 10 balls out of hand (punt, drop-kick, side volley, etc.) at the targets.


The Method of Scoring: 

In order to score, the ball must strike the target in the air (no bounces or rolling balls).

The following point system will be used:

·       1 point:  Hit the net or post.

·       2 points:  Hit the crossbar.

·       3 points:  Through a suspended target.

U11-U12 play from 20 yards or 30 yards. Points are doubled from the 30 yard starting point.

U13-U18 play from 30 yards or 40 yards. Points are doubled from the 40 yard starting point.



1v1 Challenge

The Field of Play:

1v1 Challenge is played on a field that is 40 yards long by 20 yards wide. At one end of the field is a 8’ x 24’ or 7’ x 21’ soccer goal. Markers are placed 25 yards from the goal for U11-U12 and 35 yards from the goal for U13-U18.


The Ball:

U11-U12:  Size 4
U13-U18:  Size 5
The soccer balls will be provided by the 3v3 Tournament Series.



·       Each goalkeeper will have 10 opportunities to defend 1v1 attacks. Goalkeepers will also be the attacking players.

·       The goalkeeper begins on the goal line. The ball is placed between markers situated 25 to 35 yards from the goal line. The attacking player may begin anywhere behind the ball.

·       The attacking player has 5 seconds to score on the defending goalkeeper. The clock begins when the attacking player makes contact with the ball. In order to score the ball must pass over the goal line before 5 seconds elapses.


The Method of Scoring: 

The goalkeeper receives one point for each save. Any ball that does not cross over the goal line is considered a save. (Example: shot that goes wide or fails to cross over the line within the allotted time.)

Any foul committed by the goalkeeper will result in a one point penalty.

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