The Richmond Strikers will

The Richmond Strikers will team up with Disney 3v3 World Championships to host a fun, exciting and fast-paced 3 versus 3 event at the Striker Park location August 11-12, 2018.


Anyone can put a team in: travel teams; rec teams; 3 or 4 friends or neighbors; anyway you can put together a team of up to 6 players that want to have a great soccer weekend during the dog days of summer can play. This year’s event will host teams from U8 up to U18 in recreational divisions and U8 to U19 in competitive (travel) divisions.  Recreation and Competitive will be played in separate divisions.  We will again also host Adult Divisions, featuring divisions in Men’s Open, Men’s Over 35, Coed and Women’s Open. 


Come have fun, make new friends, and enjoy the game of soccer with us as we host at the Striker Park location August 11-12, 2018.


You’ll love the fast-paced play of 3v3 soccer games on one of our outdoor, small-sided playing fields at West Creek that measure 30 x 40 yards. These high scoring matches are played with small 4 x 6 feet goals and no goalies. The tournament runs on Saturday and Sunday (appx 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m) at the Richmond 3v3. Recreational Divisions will play both days but will not begin before 12 noon on Sunday).


Teams are guaranteed 4 games but many teams last year played 5 games.  Preliminary Games are on Saturday and Playoff and Consolation Games are Sunday.  Games will be 24 minutes long.


The top four teams in each division of the Richmond 3v3 tournament will advance directly to the Disney 3v3 World Championships in Florida.  No need to go to a Regional 3v3 event. 


A maximum of six players are permitted on each team and the oldest child will determine the age level.

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